Men use razors. Be sure to avoid these 8 big mistakes!

Editor:Zhejiang Yasun Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd. │ Release Time:2018-11-16 

A razor is an essential item for men, but many people don't know what is wrong with using a razor. Let's take a look.

Men use razors, you must avoid these 8 big mistakes

1. Never shave your face before taking a bath. The skin is unprepared for this, and you are likely to have a burning sensation after shaving and cause the beard to grow inward.

2. When shaving with a blade, the facial muscles should not be too tight. This makes it easy to shave the fibrous roots.

3. Don't scrape the beard in the same place from different directions. This way you may have to shave the beard too short to form a whisker.

4. Do not use blades that are too old or even rusted. When the blade is not sharp enough, it should be replaced in time.

5. Don't shave before doing sports. Because sweat can irritate the skin you have just scratched, forming an infection.

6, do not shave the hair. Although shaving the grain will make the beard more clean, it will easily irritate the skin.

7. Don't borrow razors with others, and don't lend yourself to others. Contaminated blades can infect serious skin diseases.

8. When shaving with a razor, do not do it on a dry beard. If you don't keep your beard moist, those scraped knife marks and bloody pustules will take at least three or four days.